Sewing Classes with Miss Mary

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I see over 90 students in a fortnight, every fortnight.  If I had to choose which class was my favourite Id say all of them.  Every class is an absolute joy for me.  Joy because I am always around an amazing group of women, some who I’ve known now for up to 6 years.  Amongst each other they chat, tell stories of their loved ones, share their knowledge on cooking, sewing, shopping, books, movies, work, knitting, crochet, pattern making…everything!  They encourage, plan and inspire, always feeding project ideas off each other. They are forever sharing…’oh here I have that colour thread use mine’.  The personalities and dynamics are perfect to make a TV show, the laughs are endless.

I teach each student individually within a group class, I move from one student to the next teaching the skills they wish to learn, making the projects they want.  This can be quite a challenge when everyone is making something different but of course I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Im quizzed on a daily basis on what machine to buy, where to buy fabric, how do I make cushion covers for my outdoor setting and even asked to help small businesses get started.  I receive these requests in emails, texts, photos and even FaceTime calls, all of which I encourage and thrive on.  This is a feel good job that Ill be keeping for as long as you want to learn to sew because I sincerely love it.

So how can I show you all of this without you having set foot in my studio?  I had the extremely talented Lisa Anfuso of One Life Photography visit this week and photograph during a class.  May I say the only ‘staged’ part was the fact that I put a bit more make up on than usual.  Lisa captured Wednesday mornings class perfectly and you know we didn’t even know she was there.  There are so many photos to choose from so here is a snippet.  I can’t wait to show you more of Miss Mary Sewing Classes.  Check out Lisa’s post on her experience with us all over here.

Thank you Lisa 🙂

Kelly x


My BurdaStyle Projects

BurdaStyle has become a favourite of mine for patterns that fit beautifully.  You can see all about BurdaStyle on the blog over here.

These are some of the projects I have completed.


This top was nice and easy to make.  Its made up of two pieces being front and back and bias binding for the back split and the neck edge which ties up.

I used Rayon so that it would drape beautifully.

This pattern is available to make in class – You will need approximately twice your length in fabric so go with 1.5metres.


This cardigan was easy to make because I used a Ponte fabric.  Ponte doesn’t fray so I could make this without having to finish of the edges.  I ran a sewing line along the neckline just to hold it in place to prevent it from stretching too much.

This cardi has proven to be popular in class and has been made in lovely fabrics.

This pattern is available to make in class – You will need 1.9 metres of 160cm wide fabric.  Best choice in fabric is one that has two good sides.  Use Ponte or any heavy stretch fabric.


I love love love this blouse.  I feel its one that particularly suits me.  I want to make more!

The pattern comes as a long sleeve, there is a seam that runs along the shoulder which Im not that keen on as it sticks out a little bit.  You really need someone to pin it to the shape of your shoulder.   The sleeveless version needs a facing or you could do a bias binding and have it tucked into the top.  The back has a small split and I close it with a large hook and eye.

Rayon was my choice in fabric for all of these, Im sure you can tell I love the drape of Rayon.

This is another project that has been popular in class.  Juliana has made one with a light stretch fabric that also drapes beautifully.  Both Juliana and Sophie made it into a sleeveless dress which looks lovely too.

I have this pattern available in class – you will need 1.6metres of fabric 140cm wide for the long sleeved version, all sizes.  Should your fabric be less in width you would need 2.5metres.  Sleeveless version you’ll need 1metre for small sizes and 1.6metres for larger sizes.

Off to make some more!!

BurdaStyle Review

BurdaStyle is a website where you can purchase patterns following the latest trends.  Patterns cost around $6 (per pattern), you pay online then download the pattern and print it off.  What you will get is a stack of A4 sheets of paper that you then need to stick together.  All sheets are well labelled so you can’t get it wrong.



I believe their sizing is true to size and consistent with all the items I have made so far.

Seam allowances are not included in these patterns so you must add them before cutting out your fabric.

BurdaStyle instructions are written only so there are no diagrams to help you along.  This can be difficult for absolute beginners.  For my students I am more than happy to assist you.

You can sign up to become a member at BurdaStyle.  Apart from being bombarded by what feels like hundreds of newsletters and updates, you can post pictures of the garments you have made, ask questions and be part of the sewing community.  You can also sell any items you make.  You can follow my profile MissMarySews over here.

BurdaStyle have an Academy which includes a range of Sew Alongs, online courses and video tutorials which I am yet to review.

Be sure to check out my BurdaStyle Projects here on the blog.


Best Sewing Machines


Over the years (7 in fact!) day in and day out I have worked with hundreds of students using hundreds of sewing machines.  Different brands and different models, computerised, mechanical and vintage, you name it we’ve worked with it!  On a daily basis I am asked which machine should I buy?  And I consistently hear, “oh I should have waited to buy before rushing out!”

My business is about teaching those people who think they can’t even sew a stitch, its about those who want extra knowledge so they can sew the items that are of interest to them whether it be for their family, themselves or to decorate their house.  And so, since day one, I have been accepting of every model of sewing machine at every price range and I always will.

With recent meetings, I am very excited to be collaborating with Janome and Bernina, two outstanding sewing machine brands that over the years I have grown to fancy.
Our objective being that we wish to provide brilliant service, guidance and encouragement to sewists of every level.  Miss Mary students past, present and future will be given the best prices along with bonuses, when purchasing from selected stores.  For particular details please drop me an email or visit my website.  I will also have stock of some accessories such as bobbins and presser feet.

There are several machines available to try during class or at any time that suits you.  Whether you are thinking about upgrading or not, I invite you to see what all the fuss is about.  Sewing Group students please drop me an email and let me know that you would like to have a go on one of the machines for your lesson (no charge of course).

Kids Sewing Classes in Perth – Sept/Oct 2015

Kids sewing classes are open for enrolment and I was a wee bit excited coming up with this project…

Strawberry PJ Bag

I recently took the children to Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm so we could pick our own strawberries.  It was fun and we came home with a stack of them, although admittedly we ate so many while we were there that most of them went into the freezer ready for sorbet and strawberry daiquiris!

So this is what we’ll be making…check out my Kids Classes on the menu to get all the details.

And Im thinking a tutorial might be needed for this beauty!

IMG_2100  IMG_2099  IMG_2103  IMG_2102 IMG_2108