Project Planning

With year coming to a close I find this time extremely motivating for me.  I want to rest and just chill with the family but at the same time I can’t help but get excited about the year ahead.  It must be the sunshine!!

I recently stumbled across, what looked like an awesome planner to help me achieve some projects I have in mind.  I can now say, its as great as it looks.  Its a quarterly planner (Jan, Feb, Mar) that includes a day to a page with its own to do list.  There are quarterly goals, quarterly budgets, space to map your ideal week, space to write your lists of things to research or write your ideas for later, month by month to do list, double page month in view, double page full year in view, at the end of each week there is a notes page and a self care scorecard, social media stats, pages to plan for your next planner, double page in view for the next quarter, reflection pages so you can review, revisit, refresh & restart and there are plenty of extra pages for scribbles and brainstorms.

Hey Control Freak is the best planner, diary, journal Ive seen so far!


So with all my organising these past couple of weeks I thought that we could do with a Project Planning Sheet.  There is space for you to sketch your design, include fabric types or samples, jot down patterns that may be of interest to you.  Take your models measurements and note any other measurements you might need.  Fabric & Notion requirements can be listed too so when you go shopping you know exactly what you need.


Download and print Miss Mary Project Planning Sheet

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