Absolute Beginners Classes – Term 3

Enrolment for Absolute Beginners Classes for Term 3 are open.

Silly me scheduled my newsletter to be sent later than usual, so there are still some spaces left in the class!  You can email me kelly@missmary.com.au

Also coming up shortly is my fabric sale.  I am getting rid of some of my fabrics for great prices.  I have been busy packaging them up, I just need to photograph them, then I will post up on my Facebook page shortly.

I have pumped out the work these school holidays, so I look forward to sharing more posts with you soon.

Kelly x


Melbourne Fabric Shops





I recently went on a weekend trip with some girlfriends to Melbourne.  I love Melbourne, the food, the bars, the shops and the cocktails.  However I do believe that Perth is a beautiful city and we certainly have many gorgeous shops and cafes around.  I would love to do a long weekend, child free, with girlfriends, pounding the pavement in the fine city we live in.  I think we would find some treasures for sure!

Fabric Shops in Melbourne…amazing!  Perth unfortunately cannot compare.  I was overwhelmed when I walked into The Fabric Store, I have never seen so much fabric, every type in every colour range.  I walked out with nothing, it was too difficult to decide. Hopefully I will go with a bit of a plan next time.

Here are my favourite fabric shops in Melbourne.

The Fabric Store – 184 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Every fabric in every colour!  I would love this shop.  They had a lot of stretch fabrics, designer fabrics, silks, wools, you name it!

Tessuti – Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Tessuti have an amazing range of dress fabrics including designer fabrics.  Tessuti run classes and workshops and often have sewing competitions.

Clegs – Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Velvet…mmm I really love and never get tired of looking at it.  Suiting and wool fabrics, also lots of Liberty fabrics.

There is another place in Melbourne, it is the Alannah Hill outlet store.  They have a few other labels there like Gorman.  Take a walk upstairs and you will find fabrics and trim for sale.  It is a bit junky, but always bargains to be found.

The address is 188-192 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Do you know of any Melbourne fabric shops?  Would love to hear from you!

Happy shopping!

iPad and Zap Book Cover

As most of you know we are renovating at the moment.  It has been talk for a long time and now it is finally happening, although very slowly.  Apart from fixing up our family space we are building an extra room just for me…and you!  It’s part of the house but its a room that will be filled with all things sewing and I don’t need to pack it up after every lesson.  (Squeal) I can’t wait!

So whilst this is all happening we have had to move in with my parents (and Im sure most of you are cringing right now), but honestly it has been really wonderful.  The hardest part is living away from my work (I am still running classes from my home).  Last year I had in my mind that I need to find a studio away from home as I felt somewhat swamped.  Now that I am away from work, I realise how important it is for me to in fact work from home.  I also feel extremely disorganised and am constantly wondering where items are…I have to ask myself, is it at home, at mum and dads or in storage?  I have recently counted up  several seam rippers between home and my parents place…they are everywhere!  On my bedside cabinet, in my beside cabinet, in my car, one in my bag and a few in the classroom (home).  And notes, I love writing notes to remind myself things and then find myself collecting several pieces of paper or notebooks.  Time to get more organised, I have a new term starting soon and absolute beginners joining me next week…iPad and my new ZAP book, big enough to hold plenty of notes.  Now I just need a cover so they don’t get ruined.

I decided to make a quilted cover with different fabrics, with different textures.  I have used velour, silk, cotton, corduroy and a cotton/linen blend.



A bit of quilting done here.


I also quilted all around the radios, however my pictures do not show it very well.


Do you have a collection of batting scraps?  Me too!  Just piece them together and hand stitch them to make one large piece.



I even left the selvedge in, I couldn’t bare to cut it off, this one was soft and fluffy.


And this fabric came from some old kimono pieces.  This is silk and to die for, just stunning.  Thankfully I have plenty more, it would look great as a cushion!

If you would like to make one let me know and I can assist with fabric amounts etc.