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Sewing is a life skill that teaches patience, dexterity, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.

I only wish that every child boy and girl take the time to learn even the most basic of skills.  Lets not throw out that shirt because its lost its button or take it to grandmas to get fixed, lets simply sew it on in a few minutes.

Hand Sewing is an essential skill to learn and is a great idea to master before tackling a sewing machine.  Children can hand sew anywhere at anytime.  Its a fabulous activity for the school holidays, a cold winters day or just for some down time any day of the week.   It is something they can keep going back to with no rush to finish and minimal mess!

Miss Mary offers classes for children from the age of 5 years.  With 8 years of teaching children to sew, the program has been structured and levelled for the absolute beginner through to an intermediate sewer.

Each class is created so that essential skills are covered gradually with particular projects so it will allow them to master and perfect their sewing along the way and become legendary little sewers.

With this program all ages are welcome into the one class.  Please choose based on their level.

How to Book…please email me with your child’s name, age and class preference.  You are welcome to ask me any questions too 🙂  Yes, I have a Working With Children check.

CHRISTMAS School Holiday Classes

Scheduled for the 17th – 21st December with a fabulous array of classes on offer.

Private group classes are available for those children who finish school in early December.  Dates available 10th December – 14th December.

SUMMER School Holiday Classes

I am thrilled to be offering a variety of NEW Miss Mary Projects & Kits including the Miss Mary Sewing Summer Camp.  Spend 3 half days learning to work from a pattern including how to choose the perfect fabric!  There is so much to learn in this course, I look forward to sharing more over the next few months.

SPRING School Holiday Classes

Last holidays LLAMA THEME was such a hit I am offering it again!

Children will have the chance to make or work with Pom Poms, tassels and a colour pop of fabrics. 
Tuesday, 25 September  ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Sewing Machine  9am – 12pm

This is the signature Miss Mary class I developed for children learning to sew.  The joy on the children’s faces during this class is priceless.  This class will get your children on their way to the world of machine sewing.  Age 10+ The project is bunting, the cost is $75 and includes all materials

Book a full day by attending the Sewing Group & make the Quilted Cushion or Llama Hug Pillow.  Children are welcome to have their lunch here in between classes.

Tuesday, 25 September  SEWING GROUP 12:30pm – 3:30pm

A new class to the series…as I have many regular children attending classes every holidays this class will enable your child to work at their own level, working on the items that are of interest to them.   Some projects will take longer than the standard 3 hour class, this way your child will learn patience, partake in all the necessary skills associated with dressmaking and feel the joy of working towards something.   I will offer some suggestions and consult with you all individually before the class and choose something based on your child’s level and things they should work towards & practice.  Miss Mary Kits of all sorts will be available to you, so you don’t need to storm the aisles of the fabric stores, alternatively looking for your own fabrics and patterns are also welcome.

The cost of these group classes is $45 per session


Llama Hug Pillow– This is a great follow on class from Absolute Beginner.  It also includes some hand stitching and experimenting with different types of fabric

Kit Includes:Sherpa Fleece, fabrics, stuffing, PomPoms & Tassels – $40

Quilted Cushion– Follow on class from Absolute Beginner, an introduction to seam allowances.  This project is one of my absolute favourites!  Learn some basics of quilting, cut and sew strips of fabric together.  Sew with quilt batting and finish off with some quilting stitches.  This envelope backed cushion will include all materials and cushion insert.

Kit Includes:Fabric, batting, thread, cushion insert – $40

PJ shorts– Must have completed at least the Absolute Beginner & Cushion class and ideally some bag, pouch, softie classes as seam allowances need to be spot on, along with elastic casings

Kit Includes:  Cotton Fabric & Elastic & Thread – $30

Zip Pouch/Clutch– Learn to sew Zippers, must have completed the Absolute Beginners Class.

Kit Includes:Fabric, interfacing, PomPoms & Tassels to make 2 Pouches – $30

Tote Bag– Must have completed Absolute Beginners & Cushion class.  This is a great project to perfect those seam allowances.

Kit Includes: Fabric, straps & thread – $25

Prefer to bring your own fabric?  Just ask for the fabric requirements.


Wednesday, 26 September  HAND SEWING  10am – 11:30am

My most popular classes for several years now, children will sew with felt.  This is the ideal for all ages whether learning to hand sew for the first time or wanting to perfect the skills needed like measuring thread, tying knots, threading needles, over stitching and finishing off with the right amount of thread and knotting off.  Ages 4+  Cost $45 includes all materials

Wednesday, 26 September  ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Cost $75


Thursday, 27 September  ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS  9am – 12pm

Cost $75

Thursday, 27 September  CRAFTERNOON 12:30pm – 3:30pm

The children love this class!  An afternoon of hand sewing & machine sewing.  This class is perfect for the younger child keen to have a go on the sewing machine.  We’ll mix it up with some essential hand sewing skills too.  $75 includes all materials


Friday, 28 September  ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS  9:30am – 12:30pm

See above for full description of course.  $75 includes all materials

Friday, 28 September  SEWING GROUP  1:00pm – 4:00pm

Cost $45

If you would like to organise a private group in the second week, please email  *Minimums apply






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