IMG_3754_2Sewing is a life skill that teaches patience, dexterity, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.

I only wish that every child boy and girl take the time to learn even the most basic of skills.  Lets not throw out that shirt because its lost its button or take it to grandmas to get fixed lets simply sew it on in a few minutes.

Hand Sewing is an essential skill to learn and is a great idea to master before tackling a sewing machine.  Children can hand sew anywhere at anytime.  Its a fabulous activity for the school holidays, a cold winters day or just for some down time any day of the week.   It is something they can keep going back to with no rush to finish and minimal mess!

Miss Mary offers classes for children from the age of 5 years.  The program has been structured and levelled for the absolute beginner through to an intermediate sewer.

Each class is created so that essential skills are covered gradually with particular projects so it will allow them to master and perfect their sewing along the way and become legendary little sewers.

With this program all ages are welcome into the one class.  Please choose based on their level.

This is what we sewed up in the




I couldn’t resist going with a BUNNY theme these holidays for each class.

Monday, 10th April       9:30am – 12:30pm

Absolute Beginners – Sewing Machine   age 9+

In this class we will be making bunting.  I choose this project as it covers the basic skills to get started and the work is repetitive.

Cost is $70 and includes all materials

Tuesday, 11th April       1pm – 4pm

Hoop Embroidery   age 7+

We had so much fun with this last term.  The type of craft you can take anywhere with you, these are life long skills made up into beautiful keep sakes.

Cost is $60 and includes all materials

Wednesday, 12th April       9am – 1pm

Sewing Machine – Lounge Pants   age 9+

More Lounge Pants classes added…

Wednesday, 12th April     1:30pm – 5:30pm

Thursday, 20th April     1:30pm – 5:30pm

If you have completed the Absolute Beginners class with me, have been practising and can sew along a straight or curved line then this is a fabulous project to work on.

You will cut out your pattern from your fabric, stitch, zigzag, create an elastic casing and hem.  It is a fast paced class!

Cost is $90 and includes BUNNY flannel fabric & elastic/ribbon

Want to bring your own fabrics?  Cost is $80

Thursday, 13th April       9:30am – 11:30am

Hand Sewing Felt  ages 5+

Ill forever love teaching young ones to start hand sewing.  At all ages the concentration, co-ordination, creativity and skill is quite extraordinary.  In this class we use felt shapes, hand stitch, stuff and decorate.  I will teach how to tie knots, over stitch, running stitch.

Cost is $45 and includes all materials