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Sewing is a life skill that teaches patience, dexterity, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.

I only wish that every child boy and girl take the time to learn even the most basic of skills.  Lets not throw out that shirt because its lost its button or take it to grandmas to get fixed, lets simply sew it on in a few minutes.

Hand Sewing is an essential skill to learn and is a great idea to master before tackling a sewing machine.  Children can hand sew anywhere at anytime.  Its a fabulous activity for the school holidays, a cold winters day or just for some down time any day of the week.   It is something they can keep going back to with no rush to finish and minimal mess!

Miss Mary offers classes for children from the age of 5 years.  With 10 years of teaching children to sew, the program has been structured and levelled for the absolute beginner through to an intermediate sewer.

Each class is created so that essential skills are covered gradually with particular projects so it will allow them to master and perfect their sewing along the way and become legendary little sewers.

With this program all ages are welcome into the one class.  Please choose based on their level.

KIDS CLASSES are in the studio these September school holidays!

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Hand Sewing

Start your child’s passion to become a Sewist by introducing them to the world of Hand Sewing!  We learn how much thread to cut, thread the needle, practice tying knots, lean running stitch & overstitch.  Felt shapes are prepared for your child to stitch & stuff.  This class is for ages 5+.  It is a must for older children to attend before booking sewing machine classes.

Cost $45 includes all materials

Absolute Beginners

The Miss Mary signature class to get your young ones sewing.  We learn how to use the sewing machine, machine safety, how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, sew straight lines, pivot & reverse stitch.  Children then learn step by step how to make their own bunting.  This project is brilliant as it is repetitive and something they can continue making at home in their own time.  Bring your own machine or hire one here for $10.

Age 9+ Cost $75 includes all materials

Quilted Cushion

This class is a follow on from the Absolute Beginners.  You must have completed the Absolute Beginners before attending this class.  We start to introduce seam allowance in this class, practice sewing straight, pinning, cutting & trimming and includes an introduction to the basic process of quilting.  This is another class the children walk away from feeling totally accomplished.

Cost $85 includes all materials

PJ Shorts

Another favourite for winter.  PJ Pants will include skills such as working with a pattern, pinning, cutting, sewing straight stitch, finishing off edges with zig zag, elastic casings and hems.

Cost $80 includes elastic

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These can be purchased through the online shop and you’ll receive the link to download it as soon as you have paid for it.  No waiting for me to email it to you!



A range of kits will be offered.  Pre-cut kits and ‘here’s the fabric but you need to cut it out yourself’ kits.  Hopefully this will allow for all budgets.  These holidays I have teamed up with Sewmondo, where I have curated some gorgeous fabric combinations.



Written instructions are included.  Step by step, easy to read for children.  Notice numbers on the left hand side of each step.  These are the timings of the video so you can work along with the written instructions and easily find where you are up to.  Any words that are printed in uppercase is highlighting a particular skill.  Included, is a Skill sheet explaining how to complete that skill, along with extra info.  There may be a QR code linking you to a video.  Keep these skill sheets, file them and collate your own resource that you can refer to forever.


Each project will have a series of videos to go with it.  Find the QR code on your pattern sheets.  Open up your camera on your phone or iPad, scan the code and you will be directed to the video.  Videos are uploaded to the Miss Mary YouTube channel, the videos are private and the public do not have access to it.  Projects and skills are video’d by me, of me, talking and explaining how to.  What you hear is exactly what you would expect in a class situation.  You might hear me say quite a lot “so now”, while I take you through each step haha!  You’ll find written prompts on your screen and I’ll speed up at times too, so the children don’t get bored, but can still see what is going on.


I am literally jumping with joy to offer these pinned badges which are given to the children once they have completed their projects.  Hopefully this will encourage your child to finish what they start.  Meanwhile, they have practised their skills, learnt new ones and are on their way to becoming brilliant Sewists.  They will work their way up the ladder to achieve different levels, covering different skills.  There are several pins to collect.  They can pin them to their sewing baskets, wear them or make a banner to display them.  Once their project is finished, they/you must photograph, tag on Facebook or Instagram @missmarysews and hashtag #missmarysews.  If you prefer not to show their face, just show their project.  Then I will send their pin in the mail!

Absolute Beginners, Level 1 – Quilted Cushion, Level 2 – Fabric Baskets, Level 3 – Pillowcase.  There will be more to collect next holidays!

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