IMG_3754_2Sewing is a life skill that teaches patience, dexterity, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.

I only wish that every child boy and girl take the time to learn even the most basic of skills.  Lets not throw out that shirt because its lost its button or take it to grandmas to get fixed, lets simply sew it on in a few minutes.

Hand Sewing is an essential skill to learn and is a great idea to master before tackling a sewing machine.  Children can hand sew anywhere at anytime.  Its a fabulous activity for the school holidays, a cold winters day or just for some down time any day of the week.   It is something they can keep going back to with no rush to finish and minimal mess!

Miss Mary offers classes for children from the age of 5 years.  With 8 years of teaching children to sew, the program has been structured and levelled for the absolute beginner through to an intermediate sewer.

Each class is created so that essential skills are covered gradually with particular projects so it will allow them to master and perfect their sewing along the way and become legendary little sewers.

With this program all ages are welcome into the one class.  Please choose based on their level.

How to Book…please email me with your child’s name and class preference.  You are welcome to ask me any questions too 🙂


I am very excited to bring more Miss Mary patterns in classic Miss Mary style to the kids sewing program.  It goes without saying I source good quality fabrics in gorgeous seasonal prints, I hope you love them as much as me – Kelly

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Wednesday, 27th September       9:30am – 11:30am

Hand Sewing Felt  ages 5+

Ill forever love teaching young ones to start hand sewing.  At all ages the concentration, co-ordination, creativity and skill is quite extraordinary.  In this class we use felt shapes, hand stitch, stuff and decorate.  I will teach how to tie knots, over stitch, running stitch.

Cost is $45 and includes all materials


Wednesday, 27th September       1pm – 4pm  FULLY BOOKED

Absolute Beginners – Sewing Machine     age 9+

In this class we will be making bunting.  I choose this project as it covers the basic skills to get started and the work is repetitive.

Cost is $70 and includes all materials


 Thursday, 28th September     9am – 11:30am

Eclectic Patch Cushions – Sewing Machine     age 9+

The children will be raiding my stash!  With a mix of vintage and new fabrics the children will patch fabrics together to create their own cushion cover to be kept forever. This class is a perfect run on from anyone who has completed the Absolute Beginners.

Cost is $65 and includes all fabrics


Thursday, 28th September     12:30pm – 3:30pm

Miss Mary’s CRAFTERnoon     age 5+

An afternoon full of fabric, felt, hand sewing and machine sewing to create some sewing favourites…hair bows, tooth fairy cushion, garland, keyring, mini embroidery, bookmarks, brooches and whatever else your creative kids dream of sewing up.  This class is perfect for the young ones who are keen to have a go on the sewing machine but still a bit young to handle it on their own.  They will not be limited to the machine though!  Hand Sewing is always #1 in the Miss Mary Studio.  For the older children, this class is perfect for experimenting with smaller projects and their will be materials galore available for everyone to use.

Cost is $70 and includes all materials


Friday, 29 September     9:30am – 12:15pm     age 5 – 99 years

LOVE MATILDA – Dress My Dolly

LOVE MATILDA DOLLS and I are bringing you this class to celebrate the inner child in you.  You will receive a beautiful Love Matilda Doll, however she is not quite ready to join the world just yet.  You will need to sew her mouth on, make her some clothes and finish off with a hair bow or flowers in her hair.  This makes a beautiful gift for any girl, baby, mother or grandparent.

Cost is $95 and includes a Love Matilda Doll and all fabrics


Tuesday, 3 October      9:00am – 12:00pm

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY- Totes, Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps

Requested by Miss Isla who is passionate and has big dreams…

“Plastic is suffocating our planet: it is choking the ocean, killing marine life by the thousands even poisoning our water air and food.  Every time we use a plastic shopping bag or wrap our lunch in gladwrap, we add another piece of plastic to the problem.   

But there’s good news… WE. CAN. CHANGE. 

By attending this workshop and using your amazing creations in place of plastics, YOU can help change the world.

Enjoy the workshop! “ – Isla – Wembley Downs Primary – Year 6

See more about Isla on her website ENVIRO ETHICAL

You will make a shopping tote, snack bag and sandwich wrap.  Instructions and patterns will be available so that you can continue making at home.

Cost is $80 which includes all fabrics, bag handles, sandwich ties, food safe lining


Tuesday, 3 October     1:00pm – 4:00pm

T-Shirts Galore     ages 9+

I have been busy pattern making and I have 2 style of t-shirts to make!  There is definitely a skill to sew with stretch and I want to teach while they are young.  In this class we will prepare our fabric and pattern, pin, cut and sew with stretch fabric.  There is a cropped t-shirt and a drop shoulder t-shirt to make.  I have chosen beautiful classic fabrics to use that will co-ordinate with any style.  Children must have completed several classes with me or are experienced sewers.

Cost is $85 and includes all materials


Wednesday, 4 October    9:30am – 12:00pm

Pocket Skirt     ages 9+

This stylish skirt is another great Miss Mary Pattern and designed for the beginner sewer.  We’ll prepare our fabric, pin the pattern, cut the fabric and sew, sew, sew.  Skills will include inserting pockets, sewing curves, attaching a waistband, inserting elastic and hemming.  This class is for the more experienced sewers and for those who have completed several classes with me.

Cost is $75 and includes all materials


Wednesday, 4 October    1:00pm – 4:00pm

Absolute Beginners – Sewing Machine     age 9+

In this class we will be making bunting.  I choose this project as it covers the basic skills to get started and the work is repetitive.

Cost is $70 and includes all materials