Transferring Patterns to Fabric

Transferring your patterns to fabric just got easier!

So you buy a pattern and upon opening it you find every size available to you!  (Vintage patterns had one size per envelope).  Thats great but how many of us agonise over whether its best to cut the size we need or transfer the whole pattern onto Vilene?  Either way it takes quite a bit of time to prepare the pattern before we can even start on our project.  Well, there are a few sewing tools that will make this process a whole lot easier…

Dressmakers Carbon Paper and a Tracing Wheel is all you need – read more at the end of this post.


These items are now available in class.

This is how its done…pin your pattern to the fabric.


Slide in some Carbon Paper between the pattern and the fabric.  The inky side should be facing your fabric.


Use your Tracing Wheel to press firmly along the size line that you require.  Be sure to include all markings and notches as you go.


Take the pattern piece away and you will see your marked dotted line to cut along.


The Dressmakers Carbon Paper comes in a pack including 5 sheets of paper in red, yellow, blue, white and green so this will cover all colours of fabric.

Tracing Wheels are by Clover, I find these are the best tools around.  They are ergonomic and sturdy unlike cheaper brands.

There are 2 types of Tracing Wheels…spiked and blunt.  Ive always owned a spiked wheel however, recently when I wanted to transfer my pattern to a knit fabric it wouldn’t work so well, so blunt is suiting me much better.

Also available by Clover is the Double Tracing Wheel.  This wheel is perfect for when you are transferring your patterns and need to add a seam allowance to the pattern.  The wheels are removable with slots measured every 5mm, so you can add a 5mm for your seam allowance up to 3cm.


Easter Pot Holder

I am a little excited about the daily emails I am receiving from Dubai, South Africa, Barcelona, Ohio…all for my Easter Pot Holder pattern.  I posted this on my first blog but now that I have my lovely tablet and mobile friendly website I can now post it here and you can find the pattern at the end of this post.

I originally posted this on the 5 March 2012.


I have just made a stack of these Easter Pot Holders for all the teacher assistants at the kids school.  No doubt they will be inundated with chocolate, so why not give something a bit different.

I have used Insul Bright inside these.  Insul Bright is a type of wadding which has a metallic sheet woven through the fibres.  Most fabric stores sell this, it cost me around $10 per metre.  Please note that this filling is not like the commercial grade and won’t handle extreme temperatures.  It may be worth mentioning when gifting just incase someone burns themself.

As far as fabric choice goes, I used up my scrap fabrics.  You can co-ordinate many fabrics when making these.

I like to use my Walking Foot to make these.

Here is a tutorial for you all to make too.


Cut 2 egg shapes from your fabric.
Cut 4 pocket pieces from fabric.
Cut 1 egg shape & 2 pocket pieces from Insul Bright.

Lay on your table;
1 pocket piece from Insul Bright
1 pocket piece from fabric, right side up
1 pocket piece from fabric, right side down
Pin along top edge and stitch with a 1cm seam allowance.

Trim seam allowance close to stitching.
Press fabric and turn to right side.

Top stitch about 5mm from top edge.
Repeat for other pocket.

Lay on your table;
1 egg shape piece from Insul Bright
1 fabric egg shape piece, right side up
2 finished pockets
and finally the last egg shape piece with right side facing down.
Pin all around egg.

With a 1cm seam allowance stitch around egg, leaving an opening at the side of the egg.
Trim seam allowance close to stitched edge.
Turn through to right side.  It is only a small opening, so please be patient at this stage while you pull the fabric through to the right side.

Press well, tuck in excess fabric, pin and stitch the opening closed.  I also stitch the other side too, just so it looks even.
That’s it, you are done!

click here for Easter Pot Holder Pattern