Colette Pattern – Moneta Dress


Its not often I purchase a pattern and make a dress for myself, simply because I have the drafting skills to make my own and because most patterns I buy I end up altering somehow because Im so particular and fussy.  This time I wanted to find a pattern to suit the fabric I had bought, a garment I could literally whizz up.

I found the Colette Patterns Moneta Dress Pattern and I love it!  It comes in a broad size range and this is the type of dress that would suit all body types.  Its perfect for stretch fabrics!

Be sure to head to Colette Patterns to purchase your pattern.


Transferring Patterns to Fabric

Transferring your patterns to fabric just got easier!

So you buy a pattern and upon opening it you find every size available to you!  (Vintage patterns had one size per envelope).  Thats great but how many of us agonise over whether its best to cut the size we need or transfer the whole pattern onto Vilene?  Either way it takes quite a bit of time to prepare the pattern before we can even start on our project.  Well, there are a few sewing tools that will make this process a whole lot easier…

Dressmakers Carbon Paper and a Tracing Wheel is all you need – read more at the end of this post.


These items are now available in class.

This is how its done…pin your pattern to the fabric.


Slide in some Carbon Paper between the pattern and the fabric.  The inky side should be facing your fabric.


Use your Tracing Wheel to press firmly along the size line that you require.  Be sure to include all markings and notches as you go.


Take the pattern piece away and you will see your marked dotted line to cut along.


The Dressmakers Carbon Paper comes in a pack including 5 sheets of paper in red, yellow, blue, white and green so this will cover all colours of fabric.

Tracing Wheels are by Clover, I find these are the best tools around.  They are ergonomic and sturdy unlike cheaper brands.

There are 2 types of Tracing Wheels…spiked and blunt.  Ive always owned a spiked wheel however, recently when I wanted to transfer my pattern to a knit fabric it wouldn’t work so well, so blunt is suiting me much better.

Also available by Clover is the Double Tracing Wheel.  This wheel is perfect for when you are transferring your patterns and need to add a seam allowance to the pattern.  The wheels are removable with slots measured every 5mm, so you can add a 5mm for your seam allowance up to 3cm.


BurdaStyle Review

BurdaStyle is a website where you can purchase patterns following the latest trends.  Patterns cost around $6 (per pattern), you pay online then download the pattern and print it off.  What you will get is a stack of A4 sheets of paper that you then need to stick together.  All sheets are well labelled so you can’t get it wrong.



I believe their sizing is true to size and consistent with all the items I have made so far.

Seam allowances are not included in these patterns so you must add them before cutting out your fabric.

BurdaStyle instructions are written only so there are no diagrams to help you along.  This can be difficult for absolute beginners.  For my students I am more than happy to assist you.

You can sign up to become a member at BurdaStyle.  Apart from being bombarded by what feels like hundreds of newsletters and updates, you can post pictures of the garments you have made, ask questions and be part of the sewing community.  You can also sell any items you make.  You can follow my profile MissMarySews over here.

BurdaStyle have an Academy which includes a range of Sew Alongs, online courses and video tutorials which I am yet to review.

Be sure to check out my BurdaStyle Projects here on the blog.