Mens PJ Shorts

This is my eldest!  He’ll often walk in through the studio during a lesson.  The ladies look at him and say oh my goodness, he is a giant!  Yes he is!  He is a 6ft 8″ gentle giant and turns 18 in two weeks.  I can’t believe he agreed to model for me!

Make PJ Shorts for the men in your life.  The perfect project for an Absolute Beginner.  The perfect gift to give this Christmas.

You will need 1.5 metres of fabric and some 25mm or 30mm wide non roll elastic.  Elastic is available in the Studio.IMG_5334


Best Scissors – Dressmaking Shears


For years I have been searching for the best scissors at an affordable price.  I believe I have found the perfect pair!  These are designed in Toronto, Canada & handcrafted in Shenzhen.

They come in a range of sizes

8″ – $52

9″ – $55

10″ – $60

11″ – $65

Thread Snips includes protective cap $20

I was surprised at how light weight they are.  The 8″ are perfect for children!

They come beautifully boxed with a Miss Mary note on how to care for your scissors.

The thread snips are super tough, you won’t be disappointed with these!

I look forward to showing you the PINKING SHEARS which are on their way!

Please email me to reserve your pair

Zip Pouch


These Zip Pouches never get old!  Why not make these for your friends & family this Christmas.  You can fill them with some products for summer.  I do not go anywhere without my We Are Feel Good Suncreen & Zinc.  I first tried this in 2016 when I went to the Margaret River Pro.  I think its the best sunscreen Ive ever tried.  Check out their products over here.

Carmex for the lips are a must when out in the sun!  I love the tingly feel of the camphor. And this year I tried my own Face Mist using Doterra oils from Oh Happy Oils.  Danni is an expert on how to use all the oils and she suggested I use a little spray bottle, water, witch hazel & some Doterra Peppermint Oil.  Please do ask Danni for any advice using the Doterra oils.

And for the Zip Pouch…you’ll need some fabric – approx 2 pieces 30cm x 35cm, plus some scraps.  A dress zip – I used a 25cm zip, some Rip Stop waterproof fabric for the lining, heavy or medium weight interfacing and if you have the Teflon foot for your sewing machine why not try sewing with plastic to make it completely waterproof!  If you don’t have a non stick Teflon foot, there are ways around it.  I used to use masking tape!  Id tape it around the feed dogs (the jagged teeth under the presser foot) on the needle plate.  This gave it a bit of grip and prevented the plastic from sliding around.  Nothing beats the Bernina sewing machines with the Teflon foot!  It is a dream to sew plastic.

If you would like to see a tutorial for these on the Miss Mary Blog please let me know!!IMG_5339

Kids Sewing Classes – Spring 2018

Anyone who attends my classes pick up pretty quickly how much I totally love what I do. Kids classes are so very rewarding for me.

In 4.5 days for a total of 27 hours, I taught 48 children and they produced amazing work.

These children are kind, respectful, creative, unique, chatty & helpful.  This has inspired me to bring you a stack of new classes over December & January.  I hope to see you all again soon.

Overnight Bag

Overnight Bag

Young Anais wanted to make an Overnight Bag during the Kids School Holiday Program, so I thought about how I can create a pattern so it is an easy project to sew.  Some patterns are so complex but when teaching children I have to bring it right back to basics.  I came up with this bag and I absolutely love it!

Anais was the first to make it.  Not bad for an 11 years olds work hey?!
This pattern will available in the next couple of weeks.  Along with some more photos.  This is what you need to get organised now.


1.10 metres Fabric – I chose Mexican Poncho fabric, Anais chose a cotton drill.  Choose something on the heavier side so that the bag will hold its shape

1.10 metres Rip Stop nylon fabric – this is a waterproof lining fabric

1.10 metres heavy weight interfacing – I prefer Iron On

2.80 metres Heading Tape approx 4cm wide – choose a colour to contrast nicely with the fabric

50cm Heading Tape approx 1.5cm wide

51cm Chunky Zip – its ok if its an “open end” zipper

Optional Extra – Feather Pom Pom or make your own with some yarn