Best Tools for Every Dressmaker


Having sewn for years, I feel I have found the BEST tools for your sewing kit.

  1.  A great pair of Scissors is essential!  I personally need mine to be light weight, as I often get arthritic in my hands.  Of course they need to be super sharp and not blunt easily.
  2. Thread Snips that are solid and super sharp.  I bet you know what I’m talking about when you have to try and cut the thread several times, or the blades split from each other…frustrating!
  3. Pins are essential in sewing and having a selection of them makes sense.  We sew with different weights of fabric so we really should use pins to suit the fabric.  I use long, strong pins for heavy weight fabrics.  I have fine pins for using silk, these slide through the fabric without creating pulls.   Long fine pins for when I’m sewing long straight seams.  Short pins for when I’m sewing curves, for example sleeves.  Throw your rusty, bent, blunt pins out and start with a fresh set.
  4. I can’t tell you the number of times I have dropped a stack of pins!  Even when carefully placing them in my pin cushion, it’s guaranteed a few will end up on the floor.  A Magnetic Wand is perfect to quickly clear up any pins.
  5. Chalk Pens are a great marking tool for the sewing box.  Unlike the traditional tailors chalk, the chalk pens create fine lines on your fabric, so you can be more precise and accurate with your markings.

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