What to Look for When Buying a Sewing Machine


Vintage Kids Sewing Machine

Here are some important things to look at when buying your first sewing machine.

  1. User Friendly – is it easy to use & handle

These are some of the features that make using your machine easy;

Speed control, automatic threading, automatic thread cutter, needle up/down

2. Performance – performs well with no weakness

This one can really only be tested when doing a demo. I highly recommend going to your local dealer to try as many as you can. Does it sew through three layers of denim? Does the bobbin jam and make that funny noise? Does the thread get caught around the spool pin?

3. Flexibility & Creativity – has room for you to grow

How many stitches are included? Can you lower the feed dogs? How many presser feet are included? Can you quilt on this machine as well as sew?

4. Maintenance & Support – is easy to look after

You want to be able to get into the bobbin area and dust it out. It gets more dusty than you probably think! You want to be able to have someone on hand to ask questions when you get stuck. Of course this is a service I provide when machines are purchased through me.

5. Appeal – looks attractive

Who doesn’t want something that looks lovely?! Don’t get sucked in purely by this, as often they look great but all of the above is forgotten!

6. Budget

A cheap machine is cheap for a reason. In our throw away society I have never seen so many cheap models out there! The metals they use are weak. There is a lot of plastic! These machines are not balanced, so how can we ever get precise sewing. They are designed to throw away and buy another one as they are too expensive to fix. These days, you can even buy machines in supermarkets and furniture shops. All I can say is…please don’t.

My advice is to borrow someone’s machine for a period of time until you figure out sewing is for you and what you need in a machine based on the projects you would like to sew.

I hope this blog post helps you with sewing machine shopping. You can see other posts on my blog about Sewing Machines.

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