Embroidery Classes

I am so very excited to bring Embroidery Classes back for the children’s school holidays, in Perth this April.

I was hand stitching from a very young age. I have recollections of me sitting at mums feet picking up scraps of fabric, which I can still see now…it was black with yellow and orange flowers on it. (Yep I’m a child from the 70’s). I would sew pieces together to create little pouches.

I then moved onto cross stitch and embroidery. Cross stitch was great to learn how to read a pattern. Embroidery I just did my own thing.

Last week I gifted to my partner some embroidery. He is addicted to Twisties and has been eating them for 49 years! So, I thought I would embroider his very own packet of Twisties to look at everyday. I’m not sure I’m helping his situation, it would possibly be torture for him!

I often feel uneasy giving a hand made gift, especially when they have never made anything before. I’m happy to say he was absolutely thrilled.

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