Trialling WordPress

It’s the festive season and I always find myself delving into the running of my business. Looking at things I can improve on, what direction I’m going in, new projects for the year, scheduled classes.  I also look at my weekly schedule and set my work days, cleaning days, family days etc.  Working from home is brilliant, however I find I definitely need to have set days otherwise I am unable to put in a productive days work, whether it be for work or home.

Im a lists girl.  I love lists, the feeling of accomplishment is great and the fact that I can see so many red ticks (yes, I even colour code my lists) makes me feel good and gets me motivated.

My favourite to do list is the Kikki-K A4 Day Planner.

So one of the things that bothers me at the moment is that my website will not support mobile devices…ba barm.  My service provider is terrible they never answer the telephone I am looking at running a new website.  I came across WordPress, so thought I would trial it for a bit, if I can.  I need to experiment to see if I am able to do this myself.

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