Nutting it out

I am in need of changing my website over to WordPress and am still trying to nut it out.  With school going back, the renovations well underway and sewing classes in full swing there is not much time to learn this new program.  I am so stubborn, I know…I need to learn about what Im doing, I can’t just give it to someone else to do.  Anything tech based I do love.  I do like to read through a manual front to back to learn how to use new gadgets although these manuals are being replaced by online manual, tutorials and videos.  I know it may be easier, however I feel I spend so much time on the computer already, I just want to get off it.  The iPad doesn’t solve the problem either…I can’t help but get side tracked when Im notified it’s my turn for Words with Friends, oh and I’ll just check my Facebook while I’m at it, and I can’t forget drooling over Victoria Beckham’s outfit for the day on Instagram.

I know Ill get it soon, I have to, I have so much work I want to do.  I have so many new ideas, I can’t wait to turn them into patterns!

I have been adding photos to Instagram, you can follow me @missmarysews  I have been sorting through my store room that will be demolished in the renovation.  I have so much stuff.  Stuff I don’t want and don’t need.  Well I suppose I could use it at some time, but what happens over time?  I will need a room to store everything, just incase I need it.   Exactly how much can you have?  And at what point do I let it go?  I think I might start bundling some bits and pieces and sell them off.


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