New Girls Dress


A new dress on the way!  Now this one will take a little time as I have new blocks and patterns to make.  I started with a size 6 and as the size requests come through from my students they will be made.

I used a fabric that has a little elastine in it, so it has a slight stretch.  Im not sure how well this will work with a cotton fabric, but hope one of my students will be happy to try this one!

Sleeves can be tricky to insert.  These sleeves were unpicked a couple of times, the pattern adjusted (with help from my mum) and then finally I did it.  The initial sleeve had quite a few gathers at the top of the sleeve but I really wanted them smooth with as little gathers as possible.

I also popped in a little bit of elastic, just to nip the dress in a little.

The cross over front has a facing attached.

Ruffles…I love ruffles.  I cut these strips on the bias and then simply gathered them up.  I did experiment a little with these too.  I didn’t know whether to run two lines of gathering stitches and then stitch in between them, or just run one line and then stitch right over it.  I chose the one line of gathering stitches, it created a bit of a messy look and I really liked that.  It was a little tricky sewing the ruffles to the sleeves as it was such a small opening.

So I would love to hear from my students…do you want to make one of these?  If yes please let me know what size and Ill get a move on.  And I just need a name for this dress too!  This dress is not really suitable for an absolute beginner.




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