Zippy Pouch – The Easy Way

With so many allergies around these days we all know that certain foods are simply not allowed at schools, on airplanes etc.  But at our school they are not allowed to have Bandaids!  Yes you read that correctly…Bandaids!!  Why?  Because some children are allergic to the sticky stuff on the plaster.  When those children fall down and gash their knees can’t they wear the thin tape with holes in it (that the school supplies)?  And surely my children should be able to be use the bandaids that actually soak up the blood?!  Well the answer is no, so I made this little zippy pouch for Miss Pre Primary for her to keep in her bag, so that if she falls again she can run to her bag and put her own bandaids on.

I quite enjoying making these zippy pouches.  I make them in all sorts of fabric and often give them as gifts.  If you would like a tutorial for these please comment.  If I get plenty of comments I am more than happy to share.






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