Twirly Skirt



I made this skirt a few months ago now.  The Twirly Skirt is made up of 8 panels…4 for the top skirt and 4 for the under skirt.  I used a fine cord for the top skirt and my scraps were used for the underskirt.  You can use whatever fabrics you have for this skirt…choose just two if you wish.

You will also need fabric to make the ruffle, 40cm should be plenty otherwise use your scraps and piece them together if necessary.  Also not forgetting some elastic…I used 12mm wide elastic.

I found an iron on badge I had bought from Etsy, although I always sew them on.  A scrap of ribbon was laying around so that was sewn in too!

Here are the fabric requirements!

Size 2, 3 and 4

Yolk/Waistband 15cm

Underskirt 75cm

Top Skirt 50cm

Size 5 and 6

Yolk/Waistband 15cm

Underskirt 80cm

Top Skirt 60cm

Size 7 and 8

Yolk/Waistband 15cm

Underskirt 90cm

Top Skirt 70cm

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