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I see over 90 students in a fortnight, every fortnight.  If I had to choose which class was my favourite Id say all of them.  Every class is an absolute joy for me.  Joy because I am always around an amazing group of women, some who I’ve known now for up to 6 years.  Amongst each other they chat, tell stories of their loved ones, share their knowledge on cooking, sewing, shopping, books, movies, work, knitting, crochet, pattern making…everything!  They encourage, plan and inspire, always feeding project ideas off each other. They are forever sharing…’oh here I have that colour thread use mine’.  The personalities and dynamics are perfect to make a TV show, the laughs are endless.

I teach each student individually within a group class, I move from one student to the next teaching the skills they wish to learn, making the projects they want.  This can be quite a challenge when everyone is making something different but of course I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Im quizzed on a daily basis on what machine to buy, where to buy fabric, how do I make cushion covers for my outdoor setting and even asked to help small businesses get started.  I receive these requests in emails, texts, photos and even FaceTime calls, all of which I encourage and thrive on.  This is a feel good job that Ill be keeping for as long as you want to learn to sew because I sincerely love it.

So how can I show you all of this without you having set foot in my studio?  I had the extremely talented Lisa Anfuso of One Life Photography visit this week and photograph during a class.  May I say the only ‘staged’ part was the fact that I put a bit more make up on than usual.  Lisa captured Wednesday mornings class perfectly and you know we didn’t even know she was there.  There are so many photos to choose from so here is a snippet.  I can’t wait to show you more of Miss Mary Sewing Classes.  Check out Lisa’s post on her experience with us all over here.

Thank you Lisa 🙂

Kelly x


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