Best Sewing Machines


Over the years (7 in fact!) day in and day out I have worked with hundreds of students using hundreds of sewing machines.  Different brands and different models, computerised, mechanical and vintage, you name it we’ve worked with it!  On a daily basis I am asked which machine should I buy?  And I consistently hear, “oh I should have waited to buy before rushing out!”

My business is about teaching those people who think they can’t even sew a stitch, its about those who want extra knowledge so they can sew the items that are of interest to them whether it be for their family, themselves or to decorate their house.  And so, since day one, I have been accepting of every model of sewing machine at every price range and I always will.

With recent meetings, I am very excited to be collaborating with Janome and Bernina, two outstanding sewing machine brands that over the years I have grown to fancy.
Our objective being that we wish to provide brilliant service, guidance and encouragement to sewists of every level.  Miss Mary students past, present and future will be given the best prices along with bonuses, when purchasing from selected stores.  For particular details please drop me an email or visit my website.  I will also have stock of some accessories such as bobbins and presser feet.

There are several machines available to try during class or at any time that suits you.  Whether you are thinking about upgrading or not, I invite you to see what all the fuss is about.  Sewing Group students please drop me an email and let me know that you would like to have a go on one of the machines for your lesson (no charge of course).

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